Insight into Dark Mother

Part of our ethos and purpose at Dark Mother is actively cracking open and tapping into the 'taboo' in order to find the gold within each of us. We are deeply inspired and turned on the the dark/shadow feminine. The extraordinary power we bestow when we can harness that darkness and channel it into our lives, health, happiness etc. We want to give permission to step into the parts of you that you have been taught to hide away, for there is so much magick is trapped in a space where we are afraid to be seen. 
We don't want to leave stones unturned when it comes to radical self care, self pleasure, shadow work, cycles, blood, relationships, sex, holistic wellness, body positivity etc.
We are whole heartedly here to tell are not alone! And you deserve to feel embodied, empowered, orgasmic, successful, spiritual, creative, potent, authentic, and bloody magnificent!
Our products and conversations revolve around the remembering and reconnecting to our innermost wisdom and intuition. 
Cannot not wait to share and drop some more magick here. Happy Full Moon and Eclipse beauties. May you easefully cleanse, release and let go.