What type of timber do you use and is there formaldehyde in the glue?

We use Australian made Eco Ply that has no added formaldehyde in the glue.


What Type of sealant do you use to coat the timber?

We use Premium OSMO Natural timber oil with a high wax content to seal the timber. It is water, heat and steam resistant and is hard wearing and long lasting.


What is the difference between the Hekate Throne and the Luna/Lilith Throne?

The Hekate Throne is made from Pine Timber Ply. It has fewer layers of timber and is lighter weight. The Luna and Lilith Thrones are made from Birch Timber Ply, which is a higher quality material. Its finish is smoother and has more layers of timber in the ply which makes them more durable and heavier. 


How do I clean the timber if I want to let someone else use the Throne?

Simple! Use your normal (preferably chemical free) spray and wipe to clean and sanitise the seat and interior of the throne. You can also use a towel or cloth wrapped around the top hole to sit on for easy clean and comfort. We will be bringing out comfortable, squishy, easy to clean seat covers soon for this purpose. Smoke cleanse the Throne as well for an energetic cleanse.


If any of the panels get damaged, can they be replaced?

Yes! Please contact us with any issues with any of the panels. We will open up a claim, we will require a photo of the damage and determine how to best replace the panel. Whether or not the damage will be at the cost of the customer or us will be determined by the claims team. 


The Candle is tunneling (not burning to the rim), how do I fix this?

Candle tunneling occurs when you first light the candle and do not allow it to burn long enough for the melted wax to reach the rim, it will continue to burn within that diameter everytime you burn it if you don't allow it to burn to the edge the first time (generally takes and hour or so depending on which sized candle). If this has already occured with your candle and you aren't sure how to fix it, you can put the candle in a hot water bath until the wax melts evenly. Make sure the wick is long enough to still be exposed. If you are worried the wick has burned too low for this, contact us through the contact us page.


What do I do with the crystals once they start moving around the tin in melted wax?

To keep the crystals from obstructing the wick once the wax melts, take them out and place them around the candle for the same effect. And keep and use them after the candle has completely burned.


Will the dried plants on the top of the candle catch a light?

Generally, yes. It offers its own smoke medicine and that is why they were chosen for those particular candles. Blow out any flames that are too big. Please do not leave your candles burning unattended.


Do you use organic materials in your products?

Yes! We use organic everything for all steaming herbs, oils, skincare and fragrances.


Do you recyclable/eco-friendly packaging?  

Yes! We use biodegradable, recyclable, and reused packaging.