What is Yoni Steaming and why should I be doing it?

What is a Yoni Steaming/Vaginal steaming/Steam sauna?

It is an ancient practice used for centuries for physical, emotional, spiritual healing.

You brew healing herbs and petals like Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, Yarrow, Oregano, Motherwort, Rose Petals etc... in a pot and let steep.

You then place the pot inside the box (make sure it's not too hot), and sit for about 25 minutes and allow the steam to rise up and cleanse your Yoni. Create a lovely space to unwind and relax into the practice. Light a candle or incense, use some essential oils, play your favourite music or podcast and relax.

Benefits of Yoni Steaming:

  • provides gentle nourishment to your body

  • detoxify your uterus

  • warm up your womb and connect spiritually with your creative centre

  • improve your health and overall wellbeing

  • heal your reproductive system

  • Embrace your femininity and feel the Magic of being woman 

  • release stored emotions and open your heart

  • relax your mind

  • enhance your unique vibrant radiance

  • relax your womb and sexual organs 

  • reduce menstrual cramps 

  • Significant reduction in pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation. 

  • help your uterus to tone and clean itself 

  • Decreases menstrual flow. 

  • Regulation menstrual cycles. 

  • revitalises and energises your uterus, 

  • eases anxiety, 

  • rids your body of any bad energy and trauma, 

  • Increased fertility. 

  • More rapid healing and a toning of the reproductive system after giving birth. 

  • Treatment of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis. 

  • Assistance with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar. 

  • Assistance with the healing of haemorrhoids 

  • Treatment of chronic vaginal/yeast infections.

  • Relief for symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain. 

  • Detoxification of the womb and body. 

  • Reconnection to the Earth and ancient women’s wisdom and rituals. 

  • connect with your root and find stability

  • Improving circulation (blood supplies nutrition thus more blood flowing = more healing for the area)

  • Boosting immune & digestive health

  • Balancing pH

  • increase in libido as the heat increases blood flow to the vagina, as well as the clitoris

Western Medicine hasn’t fully embraced Vaginal Steaming, although it has been practiced for centuries, there simply isn’t a lot of information available in the western world. If you are unsure if steaming is right for you we suggest you talk to your Doctor.

We recommend that you DO NOT steam if any of the following apply to you;

-You are pregnant

-If you are trying to get pregnant you should not steam during or after ovulation

-If you have an IUD or a coil (there are safe copper IUD options)

-If you have an arm implant birth control such an Nexplanon or Implanon

-Tubal Ligation may be compromised 

-During Menstruation

-If you have had heavy spontaneous bleeding mid-cycle within the last three months it is not recommend to do a vaginal steam

-It is not recommended to steam after waxing or laser hair removal. We recommend waiting 4 days after waxing and 2 weeks after laser hair removal

-Please note that piercings will need to be removed to avoid burns

-Steaming should not be done when the body is fighting an illness such as the flu or any other fevered condition

-You should stop your steam if you feel any of the following; generally unwell, light headed, dizzy, nauseous, intense headache, short of breath or if your body tells you so, trust your instincts

If you are still unsure we suggest you speak to your GP or doctor

 **By purchasing our steam box your agree to take the responsibility of safe steaming practices into your own hands.**