Yoni wellness IS spiritual wellness IS dismantling the Patriarchy

Yoni wellness IS spiritual wellness. Connecting to the dark and light feminine... to our own inner sacred source, to our pleasure, sensuality and sexuality, facing blockages around our bodies... IS doing the work. It is embracing your wholeness and allows you to fully take up space in the world, in business and in relationships. It gives you the power to manifest what you truly desire and what aligns with what serves your highest self.
It isn't always easy to peal away layers of trauma, disconnect, disempowerment, physical discomfort etc... but simple and regular rituals are the foundation of proper self care and self love.
We tend to forgo the basic principle of looking after our life force energy; menstruation, fertility, sexuality and sensuality as a main pillar in overall health and vitality.
Because unfortunately we have let a patriarchal system dictate the degree in which we should harness our own magick for centuries! So we have simply FORGOTTEN. We had to hide ourselves and our magick to stay safe and survive. But that doesn't serve us anymore. We need to step into our power now in order to be safe and survive and take back our birthright.
But the remembrance is upon us. 
The benefits of doing this work expand out to how you move through the world and take up space. Don't be afraid to step into the shadows with yourself. Love your Yoni and all the she bestows. Steaming is just one of many practices that help reconnect and reclaim your vitality. Enjoy it babe.